Since 2016 we have become full stockists of TIGI for both our styling products and colour products. Since then, we have seen a significant rise in the amount of people wanting to try this revolutionary brand. Still run like a family business, TIGI has helped us grow into a sought after colour salon. At Will Brown Hair, our ethos is all about healthy, shiny and glossy hair; Thats why we go hand in hand with one of the industry’s leading colour houses. Packed full of conditioners and treatments, every single clients leaves with high shine, beautiful tones and hair that everyone wants!

We stock a full range of TIGI Catwalk products which are designed to compliment the philosophy of healthy hair. From heat protectors and high shine hairsprays to volumising root boosts, TIGI products are an affordable luxury.

Pop in and ask one of our team about our amazing styling products and colour products.

*Please be aware that all new clients must receive a skin test at least 48 hours prior to receiving a colour service.


Use fundamentally or creatively

Our colourists can create an infinite number of shades from fundamental to the most creative results, enabling colourists to push their artistry. Our easy-to-use shades can be used alone or intermixed, even between permanent and demi-permanent shades to create iridescent, high shine, soft permanent results. We pride ourselves on not only 100% white hair coverage but also a creative mixing palette which means you will be the envy of your friends. TIGI COPYRIGHT colour is the fastest growing colour brand in the world and we are proud to be able to share a completely individual colour experience with you.


A bespoke range of prescriptive shampoos, conditioners and intense treatments to revitalise and repair your hair that you can only get from a select choice of TIGI stocked salons!

SOS EXTREME RECOVERY TREATMENT will repair damage and return hair to virgin strength in just 5 minutes.

Plus 3 prescriptive boosters to enhance shine, lock in moisture and aid the repairing process.

Ask you Stylist today or visit www.tigi.com/copyright for more information.